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Why choose Bumblebee Clearances?

We are fully licensed and provide a highly professional service. We always dispose of all unwanted items safely and responsibly.


What do you clear?

We remove all items from any type of premises, dwelling or external land.  Each area is cleared to your specifications.


The only items which we do not clear are asbestos and chemicals.  If requested we can advise you on how to dispose of these items.


Are you a registered waste carrier?

We carry a full Environment Agency Waste Carriers License.


How does your house clearance service work?

We arrive at the property at the time specified and clear everything as you have instructed.  We can arrange to pick up keys if you are unable to attend the clearance.  We remove all items which were  outlined in the original quotation and fulfil any cleaning procedures you may have requested.  If there is anything that we feel has a resale value we will let you know and offset this against the cost.  If we find items which we feel have sentimental value we will set these aside for your perusal.


How much does your house clearance service cost?

We provide a quotation based on certain factors, which include:

  • The amount of weight of unwanted items, which in turn affects the charges we pay to dispose of them responsibly

  • The time and labour required to complete the clearance

  • The resale value of any items we are required to clear*


*In the event that we are able to identify any items of value we will reduce the cost of the clearance accordingly.  If there are items that are antiques/items of value, we will offer to purchase these or advise you as to how and where to sell them if you wish.


Can I email you photographs of the property to be cleared?

If you are unable to meet us to establish a quotation you can email us photographs to help us gauge the extent and cost of the clearance.  We will endeavour to make an accurate quote in such incidences, however this may be subject to change once we undertake the clearance if we find that there are considerably more items to remove than detected in the photographs.


What happens to the unwanted items and do you recycle?

We recycle as much as possible.  

We only use waste sites that separate waste to be recycled, we do not use landfill sites.


What do you do with paperwork and items of a personal nature?

If the paperwork is unwanted we dispose of it in a secure manner to ensure that personal data is kept private and prevent identity theft.


Antique table and chair moved carefully Green waste taken care of Antique and glass items moved with care